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Calciad Caps

Size: 30 Caps

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Calciad Caps is the ultimate Ayurvedic solution to your daily calcium requirement. This premium formula guarantees you the recommended daily dose of calcium, supporting strong bones, teeth, and muscles. With Calciad Caps, you’re getting more than just calcium; it also contains essential Trifala . It aids in your body's absorption of calcium, and is essential in promoting healthy immune system function. Meanwhile, Praval Pishti helps decrease fatigue and tiredness, reducing your risk of Osteoporosis. Calciad Caps is an easy-to-swallow capsule, perfect for on-the-go individuals who want to keep their calcium levels at its optimum. Made with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, Calciad Caps is gluten and lactose-free, ensuring safe and adequate calcium intake for everyone. Don't let inadequate calcium levels compromise your health. Try Calciad Caps today, and start taking the right steps towards living life to the fullest.

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